Wow, I can’t believe we have our own website now, and apparently I need to write a blog post explaining the story behind Talini for launch day, so that the blog section doesn’t look empty.

Talini started with a simple idea: everyone wants fashion that makes them feel their best, but it’s often very hard to get that. I know this because online shopping was always a hobby for me. I loved chasing down offers and unique pieces on little-known websites, but I had heard from others that this is not the case for them at all. The best example is my husband, who used to wear the exact T-shirt in three different primary colours before I met him and threw everything out. But it’s not just him; many people don’t have the time or energy to hunt for offers all the time, and I understood that after I had a child myself. Although being the shopaholic that I am, I found ways to do it. But the question remained- if you don’t have several hours to search online, shouldn’t you still have access to good clothes?

The other problem I noticed was size discrimination. If you browse through the majority of online shopping sites, you’ll notice a trend- special offers are typically reserved for smaller sizes like XS and S, while you pay full price if your size is bigger. I didn’t notice this till my own body changed during pregnancy, going from XS to L as I gained 20 kg. Up until then, I was a frequent shopper who found fantastic deals, but as soon as my body changed, the privilege disappeared. I don’t think any brand does it deliberately, but whatever the reason, it’s adding insult to injury when you are already going through postpartum depression.

I worked hard to lose weight after pregnancy, but to be honest, I did it more to fit into my old wardrobe and not have to pay a lot more every time I shopped. Even though I did that, it was really hard and I felt a sense of guilt because it seemed so unfair. Sometimes people would compliment me on a dress and I would give them the link saying there’s a great offer, and they would say ‘oh, not for my size’.

All this was in the back of my mind, but I had never thought of starting a brand till my husband and I sat down over a cup of coffee when our daughter was sleeping, and he started talking about starting an online retail business. I joked that the only thing I can do is sell clothes, but he took it very seriously and said, “Why don’t we do that then?” His logic was that I love shopping, even for other people, and he hates shopping but knows marketing. In a way, he represented the target audience, although Talini so far only makes women’s clothes. But he said he speaks for all the people who’d like to wear nice clothes but can’t stand the effort and headache. I didn’t take it very seriously at first but then it seemed like such an obvious idea.

After some thought, I suggested the name Talini. We briefly changed it to Toshni, but came back to Talini after that name ran into trademark issues. The name was inspired by a fond memory I had from Malayalam class in school when my teacher spoke about dew drops on plants in the early morning, a fabulous sight in the hot climate of Kerala. I somehow thought the word for it was Talini. Later, we couldn’t find it in any dictionary, but it still evokes that image for me, and it fits our brand so well.

Just like the sight of fresh dew in the morning, Talini aims to bring hope, joy and a sense of accessible beauty. It’s available to everyone if they just open the door and look out, and not hidden in some corner they can’t find.

At Talini, everyone is welcome, everyone is celebrated, and everyone is equal. This is the essence of our brand, and we welcome you to be part of our journey, and hope we can make yours a little more beautiful.

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